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 semester is done! i finished with an A in my psychology class (go me) and a B in my business law class. great considering i took both my finals in the same day on 4 hours of sleep. yeah night before, i go to the library at 4:30 pm and study psychology until 6 when my friend showed up distracted me for 45 minutes then we studied hard until 8 went to dinner, came back to the library at 9:30 and kept going until 1:30 then had a terrible time trying to sleep, probably from anxiety and the coffee i had at 11 pm (hey the cafe was serving free coffee from 11 pm to 7 am all throughout finals week! couldn't pass that up, especially when we needed it in the home stretch)
so that weekend was fun and study filled. friday was funny (before said weekend) I was cleaning my bridle at the barn and my friend calls asking, so what time are we meeting at the library tomorrow? sigh, i'll meet you there at noon. we studied our law crap until 5 when they closed the third floor. 
just relieved to be done! and now for my SIX week semester break, i will be filling it with maple, maple, and uh yeah maple! i lead such an exciting life....
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